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To: Mayor of emalahleni

Youth, skills development centre in schoongezicht, Emalahleni

We as a community don't have a youth, skills development or any type of centre in our community. Our kids don't have a park and it is dangerous for them to cross the street/ under the bridge to go to the park. We are in urgent need for our community to have this centre's and park. Because of the lack of this places in our community. Our kids and youth don't have anything to do or go in our community then to turn to drugs and other substance abuse.. We are in need of this developments to change our kids and youth perspective in life.

Why is this important?

This will improve our way of living, skill development and youth empowerment. It will also give our kids a opportunity to learn new skills. Better youth better community more skilled people to do the job

Schoongezicht, Emalahleni, 1034, South Africa

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