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To: Wolt Management ( Operations Team)

Wolt: Better pay for drivers in Finland

You have drastically reduced our remuneration per task and per km driven.

We demand
- 5€ base fee per task (includes 1km real distance not straight line)

- bring back the compensation for restaurant delay that is our time wasted ( 1€ for 5 minutes delay )

- pay the normal fee for the extra distance, and revoke the increase that was applied after the 15th of March.

Regards wolt couriers.

Why is this important?

Drivers' pay needs to reflect current petrol prices, costs and inflation! If you agree, sign the petition, and share it everywhere, to put pressure on Wolt, to pay their drivers better!

With the inflation everything has became more expensive, and instead of Wolt taking that into consideration and increase our fee per task, they have squeezed us drivers even more.


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