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To: Theodosos A Nikitaras

Urgent Protection for the stray cats in Plaka forest and on the island of Kos.

After the horrific slaying of innocent Cats in Plaka forest, a plan of protection to be formulated and put into action as soon as possible to prevent harm coming to any Cats and animals in Plaka and on the island of Kos.

Why is this important?

The Cats and animals should be allowed to live with no fear of harm and persecution. They are an attraction within Plaka forest and enjoyed by many.
They should not be allowed to be used as sport by callous, evil individuals.
We would like a protection order issued and maybe web based CCTV installed in the forest to protect and prevent any more unnecessary harm inflicted on these poor, defenceless animals.

Unnamed Rd,, Iraklidis 853 02, Greece

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