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To: Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI, and Special Agent in Charge Janeen DiGuiseppi, Albany Field Offfice

Ulster Co. (NY) Requires an FBI Agent Be Immediately Assigned to a Satellite Office Here

FBI Director Christopher Wray and Albany Field Office SAIC Janeen DiGuiseppi:

NY Governor Kathy Hochul recently signed an Executive Order designed to fight, “...the troubling surge in domestic terrorism and violent extremism frequently inspired by, planned on and posted about on social media platforms and internet forums.”

Every county in New York is now mandated to develop and maintain a plan to identify and confront threats of domestic terrorism, which includes racially or ethnically motivated violent extremism.

Ulster County is ripe for an upgraded allocation of Federal law enforcement assets. One need look no further than newly released statistics to see why immediate action is crucial: Hate crimes of all sorts in nearby NYC are up 50% this past November vs. the same period in 2021; Antisemitic hate crimes alone were up an astounding 125%.

To characterize these facts as simply "alarming" would be a gross understatement. It's more "a tragedy waiting to happen."

Within the last few weeks, a white supremacist group illegally disseminated otherwise Constitutionally protected hate speech, by placing pamphlets directly in local residents' mailboxes without posting them. That's illegal under federal law, and it should be actively investigated and aggressively prosecuted.

Local leaders assertively attempted to follow-up with federal law enforcement regarding this matter, with largely unsatisfactory results. Why? According to the Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of Ulster County, who vigorously attempted to generate interest, "No Federal agency wanted to take responsibility."

Only a few days ago, it was revealed at a Domestic Terrorism Task Force meeting that Ulster Sheriff Juan Figueroa has been negotiating with the FBI for an agent to be assigned to Ulster County as a satellite office of the Albany Field Office. There is already an office set aside in the Justice Center, in hopes the FBI agrees to Ulster County's request.

The time has long since passed for this to come to fruition. For the Federal government to expand its operational footprint to Ulster County at the present time is simply a “no-brainer.”

Please immediately acquiesce to this request and staff an Ulster County satellite office, before a preventable incident occurs that we'll all regret.

Why is this important?

Ulster County is the second fastest growing county in New York State. Local law enforcement, burdened as it is by unprecedented organic growth in the local population, needs Federal support. Gov. Hochul's Task Force mandate speaks directly to that dire need. In our hearts, we want to believe the unthinkable can never happen here in progressive Ulster. In our heads, we all know it can.

The FBI must name a point person in Ulster Co. who is visibly and operationally responsible for working with local law enforcement to ensure the safety and security of its 182,000+ residents.

How it will be delivered

Via email, USPS

Ulster County, NY, USA

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