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Install Traffic Calming on Van Vaden Road

We plead with the Johannesburg Road Agency to please install a Traffic Calming junction on Van Vaden Road.

Why is this important?

The increased traffic volume caused by new infrastructure and the diverted traffic from Hendrick Potgieter into Van Dalen Road, has made it unsafe for motorist and pedestrians.

It is impossible to enter the intersection safely from our complexes;cars, trucks come speeding up and down. This will result in accidents, injuries and possibly death.

We plead with the city of johannesburg to assist the residents of Van Dalen Road and the community at large.

We don't have the luxury to wait for Eight months or more for the bridge to be completed while our lives are at serious risk.

How it will be delivered

We will send the Petition to Johannesburg Road Agency and Ward 97 councilor.

Ruimsig, Roodepoort, 1732, South Africa

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