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To: North Essex Parking Partnership

Stop parking on the blind bend at the bottom of Lime Tree Hill

At the bottom of Lime Tree Hill, on Church Street by the Angel and Harp pub, there is a blind bend. To the right there is a small footpath used all day and night every day by residents and visitors. There is parking space all the way up Lime Tree Hill but people are consistently parking on the pavement on the blind bend. Nobody can pass on the pavement when this happens. We have a high number of residents and visitors that use wheelchairs and motorised wheelchairs that use this pavement everyday and are forced onto the road on a blind bend to get around the cars. We have local school children and young people walking to and from the rec, town and up to HRS. We have preschoolers with parents and carers using buggies and prams, Joggers, runners, dog walkers, people walking to town and visitors of all ages who have the right to pass using this pavement. Parking on the pavement on the bend causes stress to drivers in both directions and an unsafe pass for cyclists and motorbike riders. This is one of the most frequented roads in Dunmow leading out to Finchingfield and Braintree . New road markings, preferably red lines on the bend will prevent the parking of vehicles here, allowing a safe useable pavement for all pedestrians and safer driving area around the blind bend for all vehicles. Vehicles choosing to park on this pavement on the bend will be required to park up Lime Tree Hill or use the car park’s designated to the place they are visiting.

Why is this important?

We have spoken directly with people who park on this pavement on the bend explaining who needs to use this pavement, we have put polite signs up requesting not to park on the pavement so it can be used but parking continues. We talk with residents and the community with many saying they are frightened by having to walk in the road or forced to cross on the blind bend due to pavement parking. Parents say they worry for their youngsters when they can’t use the pavement because of parked cars. People using wheelchairs and motorised wheelchairs use this path/pavement specifically because of the drop curb.

Great Dunmow, Dunmow CM6, UK

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