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To: Kementerian Pembangunan Kerajaan Tempatan

Malaysia: Ban the "Trap and Kill" method for stray animals

Many local councils in many states in Malaysia are using "trap and kill" method to solve the strays' problems. This is not only ineffective in the long run, it's also very cruel and inhuman. I suggest a much better method, the so called "Catch-Neuter-Release" method. The strays are caught, neutered and released back to their original places where they were trapped. This is a much better method which does not involve killing. In the long run, the stray population, as well as problems created by strays will be under control.

Why is this important?

This method is inhumane and barbaric. We should be neutering stray dogs and cats instead of killing them! We are supposed to be kind to animals and teaching our children to learn the same. Other than that, the good image of a country can be seen from the way it's people treating animals.


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