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To: International humanitarian organizations; Presidents of the countries represented in the OSCE Minsk Group; To leaders of civil society and honest inhabitants of the planet.

Support the inhabitants who find themselves in a blockade.

The de facto independent Republic of Artsakh, which arose on the way of Garbachev's perestroika, again finds itself in a difficult situation. Democratic institutions of the world, well-known international humanitarian organizations and other democratic institutions from different countries that profess the values of human love and are not indifferent to the suffering of a civilian population should be extremely concerned about the events taking place on the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh).To date, the world community has not taken real action in connection with the war unleashed by genocidal Azerbaijan on September 27, 2020 with patisipation of terrorist and the Turkish state. We also very much look forward to your attention in the issue of the de-blockading of more than 120 thousand people. For more than two weeks the only "road to life" with mother Armenia has-been illegally closed by Azerbaijan. The hostages are also refugees from Azerbaijan and forcibly displaced persons who found their shelters in Stepanakert and other regions of Republic. Refugees have been living here without attention for more than 30 years, and more forcibly displaced persons were also created as a result of the last war, which became the bloodiest in the post-Soviet space in terms of the number of people killed per unit of time: over 44 days of the war, according to estimated from both sides, more than 10 thousand soldiers died and about 300 citizens. More than 41 thousand have become internally displaced persons. Baku is well aware that the trilateral Statement of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia dated November 10, 2020, puts an end to the bloodshed, including guaranteeing the safety of citizens, vehicles and goods in both directions along the Lachin corridor. Despite this, this, the "Road of Life " at the Shushi-Karintak crossroads of the Stepanakert-Goris highway was blocked by a group of Azerbaijanis dressed in civilian clothes, including natural fur coats, presenting themselves as eco-activists. They are members of Azerbaijani intelligence services dressed in civilian clothes. Periodically demonstrated the characteristic gesture of the radical nationalist organization of the "gray wolves ". Under some animal instinct and ecstasy to arrange a new genocide, preseudo-ecologists strangled and broke the wings of poor pigeons, representative of their view of peace with Armenias. Your signatures on this Petition are not only to prevent an impending humanitarian catastroph, but also to prevent a new genocide. The unblocking of the Lachin humanitarian corridor can bring the recognition of the status of the Republic of Artsakh even closer, which will become a reliable barrier against Azerbaijan's claims to this part of historical Armenia.

Why is this important?

It is important for stopping humanitarian catastrophic in our homeland.

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