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To: Mr Bang PD & Suga of BTS at Hybe Entertainment.

SUGA to add Europe to his upcoming tour!

Europe always miss out on the most amazing tours! There are many of us who would literally die to see Suga! I live in the UK and I know 100% he will sell out in seconds if he was to come here. So my fellow European ARMYs let’s get together to make this happen for us!! Sign the petition and hopefully Hybe will see it! :)

Why is this important?

European Army’s miss out on a lot of tours especially Kpop and I just want Hybe to understand that BTS/Suga have millions of fans that are desperate to see him too! Yes I know a lot of us can travel to the destinations that are already scheduled on his tour but there are lots of us that can’t due to money or work commitments or even childcare. So please please please if possible can you add a couple of dates here? We really want to see him before his enlistment and It would mean so much to us. Thank you :)

London, UK

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