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To: Brig Jan Alexander, Cllr Ashley Potts, Alderman JP Smith, Dir Petrus Roberts

Stop the unsocial behaviour, gang activity, dealing in illegal substances.

We have a group of boys/ young men in Westgate
who has become a real nuisance within the community with their unsocial behavior, selling of illegal substances and general disruptive behaviour. They constantly occupy the Palladium Park and adjacent shop, hang out on corners and forever create trouble with passers-by. This needs to be stopped by conducting regular Saps, MetroPolice, Law Enforcement patrols stop and search as drugs are openly used and reports of a firearm amongst them. There's not a single day without a incident involving this group. Rolling dices within the shop, threatening passers-by, throwing fireworks inside shops, writing on walls is the order of the day. We need your intervention as community members are very close of dealing with this issue in their very own way.

Why is this important?

It's important to support this petition and stop this grouping as this behaviour is gangsters in the making.

Westgate, Cape Town, 7798, South Africa

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