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To: Home Office

Stop the Home Office abandoning unaccompanied children in hotels

We are calling on the government to immediately stop the use of Home Office run hotels and ensure that all children are placed within existing, legal, child appropriate settings.

Why is this important?

Hundreds of children have gone missing from hotels being overseen by the Home Office. Vulnerable young people put at risk of trafficking and exploitation through a “rogue system”. We first blew the whistle on this appalling practice in 2021 when it first transpired that children were being placed in hotels illegally, and that in doing so, children separated were being put at risk, with hundreds going missing. Sadly, it is not new, and indeed is a continuation of a prior policy using private contractors. Operating outside of the law, the Home Office has, in effect, set up a “rogue system” putting young people who have arrived from overseas at increased risk of exploitation and trafficking.

How it will be delivered

We will be sharing the results of this petition with MP's, including the Secretaries of State for the Home Office and Department for Education, and Lords.




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