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To: Punch Pubs & Co and Big Smoke Brew Co

Stop the Felling of The Crystal Palace Poplar Tree

The poplar tree at The Crystal Palace in Berkhamsted is under threat of imminent felling by the owners and tenants Punch Pubs & Co and Big Smoke Brew Co.

The tree is healthy, but has been neglected over recent years.

We urge Punch Pubs & Co and Big Smoke Brew Co properly care for and maintain the poplar, rather than fell it for short-term convenience.

Why is this important?

Following the clearance of nearby trees and shrubs by Network Rail, this tree is of extreme importance as being one of only a few remaining in the immediate area.

Trees help minimise noise pollution, combat carbon dioxide emissions, encourage biodiversity and conserve the greenery in our town of Berkhamsted.

We, the local residents, many of who fought hard to ensure The Crystal Palace remained a public house rather than be developed into flats, and who should form the core customer base for the business, are greatly disappointed by the proposed removal of the tree.

Berkhamsted HP4, UK

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