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To: NSPCA.The South African Police. The Animal Anti-Cruelty league.Bloemfontein Spca and all other Spca Branches in South Africa.

Stop the Euthanize of Animals Especially Pitbulls in South Africa

When Size Kupelo foundation started his petition ban the pitbulls as domestic pets in South Africa due to sudden deaths of kids and adults .Some people of South Africa immediate response to these incidents was ban the pitbulls .Stone them kill them and set them on fire.Certain people have taken that step and beat the pitbulls to death and set them alight.Owners are now afraid for there pitbulls they too scared to walk there pitbulls without been attacked. Or the dogs been threatened and even killed.The Bloemfontein Spca has taken in many pitbulls .and the Bloemfontein Spca are saying that owners have surrendered there pitbulls. Us people of sa ain't been told the truth if the owners have signed permission for these dogs to be Euthanize.Yet the Bloemfontein Spca have Euthanize many pitbulls .Recently people have even handed in there pitbulls at the spca in Benoni.What will become of these pitbulls ?.Will they be rehomed or Euthanize.? We as people don't think so as we all know that pitbulls are just been targeted as the aggressive power breed.The Spca took an oath to protect and care for abandoned animals. Preventing cruelty to animals and spreading awareness of animal care.Yet the very once responsible for all of these traits are the ones Euthanize the Pitbulls. There are owners that do train the dogs for dog fights hence making the pitbull aggressive. Now all pitbull owners are been targeted as bring up aggressive dogs. If the Spca is involved in animal care why don't they offer classes to pitbull owners on raising and training the pitbull power breed.? I'm sure if you had to ask for a small donation lots of pitbull owners would sign up for classes. These poor pitbulls rely on us owners to look after them appropriately .Unfortunately there is lots of owners that just don't care and are abusing these dogs and leaving the poor dogs in terrible conditions .The poor female are been used as a breeding box to make them quick money which is totally cruel and sick.So please us pitbull owners and people of South Africa are calling for the Euthanize of the Pitbull breeds to stop with immediate effect. And we are asking foe proof as to what became or becomes of the surrendered pitbulls that were and are handed over to the various SPCA branches in South Africa. There was an incident where a pitbull going by the name of Cloe that was Euthanize against the owners dog she was a loving compassionate dog for the owner.which caused the owner to attempt suicide. Will the Spca in Bloemfontein be able to bring Cloe back to the owner? N0NO

Why is this important?

This is important as us owners of pitbulls are against the Euthanize of the pitbulls. And this needs to be stopped. There must be another solution to problems. Every problem has a solution. God created animals and let no man or woman take an animals life

South Africa

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