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To: Parkdean Resort

Stop the constant unaffordable ground rent increase for owners

It is with such sadness that a lot of owners are having to sell their much loved holidays homes due to parkdeans constant greedy.
Many people are left in a situation we’re paying for ground rent is now unaffordable.

Why is this important?

I bought my caravan three years ago to make memories with my children. I live in London and knife crime is at an all time high so understandably keeping my children safe is my priority, buying my caravan enabled that freedom that they don’t have in London.
Now like a lot of other owners ground rent seems to be becoming unaffordable.
My first years grand rent was £3,800 I am now facing ground rent fees of £6,200.
When will this end? why are parkdean driving valuable home owners out.?
People are struggling with the cost of living, parkdean seem to want to add to peoples constant struggles.

Valley Rd, Clacton-on-Sea CO15 6LY, UK

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