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To: MLA, Rm of Porcupine Plain

Stop the Cruel Bylaw in Porcupine Plain

The RM of Porcupine Plain has passed a bylaw which allows any dogs running free on any grid road or in any one’s yard permission to terminate them !!! Within this bylaw it states “as a dog owner it is your responsibility to keep your dog from wandering” The owners should be held responsible NOT the dog , the dog is just being a dog. Allowing every citizen in this RM free reign to kill a dog however they see fit is CRUELTY TO ANIMALS, despicable and brutal. Hold the owner responsible maybe then they will make an effort to build a fence for example and keep their dog at home.

Why is this important?

We cannot support cruelty to animals.

Porcupine Plain, SK S0E 1H0, Canada

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