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To: Mexican Government, Colima State Officials

Stop the Ammonia Plant in Armeria/Cuyutlan, Colima Mexico

There has just been an announcement by the Mexican Government to develop an Ammonia and Urea plant in this area. This is the area of a Turtle Sanctuary, an Estuary and Wild Life Sanctuary. This will all be destroyed and polluted. Also, this is not to be a “Green” production plant but rather in partnership with PEMEX. The pollution and destruction would be TOTAL! The Estuary and Sanctuaries are between the plant sites and the ocean. All the rivers flow into the ocean. Aside from the CO2 pollution the destruction to the land and water aquifers would immeasurable. This must be stopped somehow!!

Why is this important?

Armeria and Cuyutlan Colima are a small rural area blessed with some of Mexico’s most lovely and important natural resources. This ammonia plant has an intended location on land close to the Estero Palo Verde, the Cuyutlan Vaso IV lagoon, the town fishing boat and beach of Cuyutlan, birthplace of the green wave, to the arrival area of turtles since forever, that is why there is a turtle sanctuary here, and the salt extraction which has a pre-Hispanic heritage, to the wetlands area and mangroves. Presently the environmental impact study in its regional modality and which is being evaluated by SEMARNAT, does not consider these environmental elements of great importance for the environment and or social value. On the contrary, it defines them as areas without value for the conservation. This is putting at risk the people who live in the area of development. This will destroy a National Estuary, the waterways, the means of livelihood for local people and the safety of endangered species. The present environmental policies are being replaced with a Urban Development Program to the detriment of the local people and environment. They are being replaced in favour of the GIANT Coorporation FERMACHEN who plan to produce 3,500 metric tons of ammonia per day!!! This must be stopped!!!

Ciudad de Armeria, Colima, Mexico

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