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To: Metsimaholo Municipality

🇿🇦 Stop dumping sewage in Vaal Dam!

Please stop dumping sewage into Vaal Dam. You are polluting our drinking water and you are going to wipe out the fauna and flora from Vaal Dam, up to the Orange river and beyond it. How many people will be affected and fall ill by this disgraceful decision? Please stop your action immediately.

Why is this important?

Raw sewage is polluting one of the most important water sources in South Africa, as a result of failing sewerage systems in neighbouring municipalities.

This problem affects everyone who drinks water supplied from the Vaal Dam, as well as Bloemhof Dam and along the Vaal and Orange river system, as well as our precious ecosystem.

Please sign and share this petition, to create a wave of outrage and help stop the sewage dumping in our drinking water!

Deneysville, South Africa

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