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To: Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

Stop New Youth Detention Centre in Cairns and Townsville (Crime Prevention Group Petition)

We the undersigned Cairns & Far North Community, say we DO NOT CONSENT to the building of ANY future QLD Dept of Youth Justice DETENTION centres, or the use of surveillance cameras in our community and say ‘IT IS MY WILL’ for existing funding to be re-directed towards a smarter initiative of the Crime and Justice Action Group’s ( Youth Education and Employment Rehabilitation Academy facility (for serious offenders) based on the principles of youth rehabilitation pioneer Geoff Guest AM as a more safe, humane and effective solution.

Why is this important?

The Queensland Dept of Youth Justice is spending ‘Hundreds of Millions’ of taxpayers money i.e.: $380-Million in Townsville and (proposed) $400-million on Cairns detention centres and creating the ‘Virtual Detention Centre Plan’ using 5G facial recognition surveillance cameras throughout the community - for a small group of KNOWN re-offending Youths.

Queensland, Australia

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