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To: Levi's, IKEA, Amazon, et al.

Stop Garment Worker Deaths #SigntheAccord

10 years after the deadliest disaster in the history of manufacturing these garment and textile brands must finally sign the Accord to save garment worker lives. #SigntheAccord

Why is this important?

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, the deadliest industrial disaster in manufacturing history. 1,138 garment workers lost their lives, and over 2,500 more were injured as they made clothes for some of the world’s biggest fashion brands.

Rana Plaza was a preventable tragedy. Clothing companies had been aware for years before the collapse that garment factories in Bangladesh did not meet international safety standards. Prior to the factory collapse, deaths from factory fires and unsafe construction were frequent, yet companies failed to take meaningful action to protect worker lives.

After the horrific tragedy, dozens of brands came to the table to sign the Accord, a binding agreement to implement a transformative safety program which has stopped disasters like Rana Plaza from happening again, making workplaces safer for 2.5 million workers through factory renovations and worker education programs.

While much progress on safety has been made in Bangladesh, it isn’t the only country where garment workers sew in dangerous conditions. In 2012, the Ali Enterprises factory fire in Karachi killed more than 260 garment workers. Since then, at least 135 workers have died in Pakistan’s textile and garment industry due to dangerous working conditions.

Last year, the Accord was expanded to protect millions of textile and garment workers in Pakistan. More than 40 of fashion’s biggest brands have signed up to keep their workers safe, including American Eagle, ASOS, Bestseller, C&A, H&M, Primark, PVH (Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger), and Zara.

While the Accord has saved lives and transformed workplace safety for a decade, the 12 brands listed below have yet to sign on, instead putting their profits above the lives of garment workers in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

-Columbia Sportswear
-JC Penney
-Kontoor Brands (Wrangler, Lee, and Rock & Republic)
-Target (USA)
-Tom Tailor
-URBN (Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People)

Join us in telling this dirty dozen that enough is enough, and that their refusal to support the Accord’s life-saving factory inspections and worker safety programs isn’t acceptable.

Sign the petition to protect the lives of the people who make our clothes. #RanaPlazaNeverAgain

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