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To: Volusia county representatives

Stop Florida Bill, Beach safety absorption “SB 1588”

Dear Volusia County Representatives, I am writing this letter to petition for our beach safety to stay under the control of the County council. 
We are asking you to support local control and oppose the legislative effort to take over all county law enforcement.

Why is this important?

Our beaches will be ruined, because law enforcement doesn’t have the proper training to deal with taking care of the beach. Tons of hardworking people who love our beaches will be put out of work by signing/passing this bill, some of these Men and women have spent there whole lives taking care of our beaches and this is how we repay them. Volusia county is know for its beautiful beaches, but people won’t come if it is not safe for them and there family by doing this we will loose many tourists who love to come and enjoy our beaches, Once again we humbly ask you to support local control of beach safety, 
Sincerely, Hope Neal

Volusia County, FL, USA

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2023-04-02 00:35:11 +0100

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2023-03-30 07:06:37 +0100

We have 7 days to turn this around we have until April 4