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To: Pet supplies plus

Stop animal abuse in NEWARK OHIO

Pet supplies plus on 21st street in newark Ohio is letting animals go without medical attention and die.

Why is this important?

Pet Supplies Plus on 21st St. in Newark Ohio is refusing vet care to multiple animals and has even killed a few over the past year this week I went into rescue an obviously il lizard that one of the employees had told me he had not eaten in over three weeks and had not been taken to a vet and they could not get into a vet. I offered to buy him and take him straight to my vet and they refused the sale and put him in the back to wither away. There was also an occasion this year where they sold a guinea pig who had such a bad ear infection the new owner had to take him to the vet and spend hundreds of dollars because he couldn’t stand up it was so bad. The manager also refused a hamster medical attention when its organs started to fall out of its body. The employees are not trained and one of the employees accidentally overmedicated a hamster for wettail and it shut down his organs and he started to physically lose them out of his butt and the manager‘s response was let it die here we’re not euthanizing it. This abuse needs to stop animals deserve medical attention just as much as we do. Please help me in getting management changed in the store so that somebody who cares about these animals can come in and do right by them.

Newark, OH, USA

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