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To: The Royal College of Surgeons

Solve MRCS A exam seats issue!

So we all had to sit next to our computers for 9 hours or more to end up without a seat within few minutes. So now we'll have to be moved to may. Having applied in February 2022 and being postponed twice because we couldn't find seats, We will finish almost 18 months of studying for just part A. The problem is, this is not over. We still might not get a seat in may and be postponed to september.
This is beyond unfair and unacceptable.
We call upon the RCS to solve this issue. Here are some suggestions on how can this issue be solved:

A) ensuring enough seats in may for ALL candidates.
B) giving old candidates a priority window to reserve their seats before the fesh candidates.
C) not opening the may exam for fresh candidates all together until old candidates take their exams.

Why is this important?

I hope all MRCS candidates stand behind this petition so that it can reach the RCS. Hopefully, they will understand the devastating effect of this issue on our lives and our plans. Thank you


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