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To: Dancing With The Stars

Send Biniyam Shibre to "Dancing With The Stars"

Bini Shibre is a graceful, fantastic dancer, athlete, and musician. He has 351,000 ​followers on Instagram. He is a star on 90Day Fiance on TLC Network. Plus he is a new MMA fighter, who has won all his matches so far. He is a lovely family man. Bini who is originally from Ethopia, lives in NJ with his family. "Dancing With The Stars" needs Bini !!!

Check out his IG account @biniyam_shibre

Why is this important?

I am a fan of 90 Day Fiance as are a lot of my friends. Bini is such an impressive dancer and athlete, it would be a shame if he could not display his skills on "Dancing With The Stars". He gained thousands of supporters and fans on TLC TV.

How it will be delivered

Email, Facebook, Instagram & TikTok


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