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To: President Sri Lanka, Minister of Energy Sri Lanka

Say 'NO' to Russian Backed Nuclear Power Plant in Sri Lanka

Honorable President, Mr. Ranil Wickramsinghe
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Honorable Minister of Power and Energy
Mr. Kanchana Wijesekara

RE: Nuclear Power as An Alternate Energy Source in Sri Lanka

We Sri Lankan Academics, Scientists and Professionals and expatriate Sri Lankans from United State of America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia are shocked, dismayed and seriously concerned about the plan to build a nuclear power plant in Sri Lanka as an option for alternate energy source. We all Sri Lankans who signed this petition below, strongly against the plan to introduce nuclear energy to a small country like Sri Lanka where so many other viable options are available such as abundant solar, hydro and wind as alternate energy sources. Further, it is needless to say that nuclear power in Sri Lanka will create the following harmful consequences to the country as a whole and serious impact on global warming and environment.

1. Sri Lanka does not have Nuclear Scientists or experts and expertise to build, manage and safely protect a high-risk nuclear power plant in Sri Lanka.

2. Very detrimental to the Sri Lankan eco-system and the environment.

3. Damage the Sri Lankan tourism and economy in the long run.

4. Serious environmental consequences that can affect the entire Sri Lanka, our neighboring Asian countries, Sri Lankan people if a major catastrophe happens similar to other countries in the past (India, Japan, USA, Ukraine).

5. High risk in getting involved in cold-war due to Russian involvement and other consequences from the West, UN, UNICEF, IMF and Word bank.

6. Sri Lanka is not ready and equipped for disposal of nuclear waste when the country does not even have enough resources and plan to handle day-to-day household and industrial garbage disposal.

7. It is well known that some of the countries that already implemented nuclear power are seriously struggeling to dispose their nuclear waste. These countries either store the nuclear waste in the country or dump to other poor neighboring countries (eg. it was reported in that France is dumping their nuclear waste in Siberia!).

8.Due to small size of the country (25,300 square miles ) if a disaster happens, our tiny country will disappear from the global map.

9. Sri Lanka could be a permanent station for Russian Troops for the maintenance and managing the Nuclear power plant.

10. Our recent history says, the country is still vulnerable to various extremist groups that can use nuclear power plant to make any terrorist activities.

Therefore, we Sri Lankan Academics, Scientists, Chemists, expatriate Sri Lankans including Chemistry Professionals, Senior Academics, Pharmaceutical Executives and other expatriate Scientists from Sri Lankan origin vehemently against the plan to introduce nuclear power as an energy source in our beloved Mother Country.

We understand that the country's needs alternate energy sources and increase the capacity to support for economic development of the country. However, we clearly see this is as a very narrow minded, dangerous, risky and idiotic move to gain political motives which will bring our country to a disaster
It is also noteworthy, that even larger countries like New Zealand has vehemently rejected nuclear power due to the same concerns that mainly affect the environment, safety and wellbeing of the countrymen.
Therefore, we sincerely request honorable Mr. President and the Minister of Power and Energy to cancel any plans to introduce nuclear energy in Sri Lanka.

Thank you


Organization of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Professionals

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Sri Lanka is a tiny country with 23,000 Square miles-Russian backed Nuclear Power plant is not for Sri Lanka!

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