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To: Liverpool City Council and Step Places

Liverpool: Save these trees

Liverpool City Council's planning committee voted in favour of an application to build 192 dwellings on what by rights should be community parkland.
As part of this development, 30 of 40 trees will be destroyed by Step Places the developer, just ‘because’. One of these trees is a magnificent oak, a tree of high value to us and future generations.

Local residents are opposed to the proposals of building the houses and removing the trees. Please help us stop this development and save these trees and make this land be what the community were promised - part of our park.
Our park and trees are for public enjoyment not a thoroughfare for a housing estate. Nature, our lungs, are being destroyed for the sake of bricks.

Why is this important?

Once this space is gone and built on, it is lost to this and future generations. Therefore, those who have signed below oppose this proposal, and urge the Council to reconsider the approval of this development and the wanton destruction of these trees by Step Places.

Alder Rd, Liverpool, UK

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