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To: Heritage Victoria

Save the Tea House from development

The possible development of the Tea House in Southbank impacts not just the surrounding residents but also all Victorians. This iconic and unique building within walking distance from the CBD is over 100 years old and it should be preserved for future generations. And not hidden by modern high rise towers.

The proposed development of 4 towers will hover and envelope the existing Tea House and Cover a majority of the building facing Normanby road. The proposed structure of 4 towers does not enhance the heritage listed building, but rather denigrates its historic significance.

Why is this important?

Preserving our history and iconic buildings which have cultural significance is imperative for the development and education of future generations.

Progress and development is not always in the best interests of the people, and in this specific circumstance it only benefits the pockets of the developers and Melbourne City Council.
The proposed plan doesn’t enhance the features of the building it will not only hide a significant proportion of the building behind 4 modern towers it will cast large shadows over the building and surrounding residential buildings.

Southbank VIC 3006, Australia

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