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To: Miami Beach Commission

Save the South Pointe Park Drum Circle

Miami Beach Commissioners are discussing ways to shut down the weekly drum circle at South Pointe Park, citing noise complaints from a few neighbors. They are proposing the forceable move of the drum circle from its current location by the lighthouse and in view of the sunset, to Soundscape Park, at the busy intersection of Washington Avenue and 17th Street.

This petition is to demand that the City of Miami Beach Commission and its elected leaders not interfere with this positive, uplifting, inclusive, safe, and organic gathering that arose from our community and is a symbol of the spirit of Miami Beach.

The drum circle is a peaceful assembly of our community and should stay in South Pointe Park where it was created.

Why is this important?

This a peaceful, safe, inclusive and uplifting weekly event that serves as a means for many of our residents and their families to come together. For months this event has flourished with zero incident. All instruments played are acoustic and the gatherings are typically over by 9 pm- well in advance of any code violation.

1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

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