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To: NYS Governor Hochul

Save our Syosset Braves team/mascot name that honors Native Americans.

While we understand that derogatory, racist terms have no place in civil society, the Syosset Braves mascot name has always been in honor of our hometown's Native American history. This needs to be recognized and protected from the name changes since it is in no way negative towards Native Americans. In fact, we will actively seek the approval of the local/regional Native American leadership bodies in order to continue honoring their heritage.

Why is this important?

While we understand that there are certainly derogatory, racist names that should be changed, the Syosset Braves mascot name is neither derogatory, nor racist. We fully support the respectful use of Native American cultural iconography and wish to continue to honor the Native American history that our hometown area was part of long before European settlers arrived on Long Island and the New York region.

Syosset, NY, USA

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