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To: Shepherd Neame

Save live music at the Duke in Whitstable!

Shepherd Neame are taking back the tenancy of The Duke of Cumberland in Whitstable in the early weeks of 2023. They obviously need to make a profit, but this shouldn't be at the expense of this wonderful and unique music venue that is treasured and enjoyed by locals, visitors and musicians alike. Shepherd Neame agree that the Duke is a gem at the heart of Whitstable, and while stating their interest in letting the rooms above, have made no mention of their intentions regarding continuing it as a music venue. Their usual plan for local pubs is to turn them into another pub eatery - Whitstable needs this as much as it needs another pebble on the beach. It is vital that we let them know just how valued it is, how much we want it to continue as the wonderful venue we love and that we feel that for the Duke to be degraded into just another pub eatery or restaurant would be an extremely unpopular decision and lose a lot of custom.

Why is this important?

This is important! The Duke as a music venue is the beating heart of our town - there is nothing like it in the whole of East Kent. Just before the pandemic, Guardian readers voted it as among the top ten music venues in the UK. World class musicians from across the UK, Europe and the US have played here. For the music to stop would be cultural vandalism. Sign this petition (200 people have already signed the paper version) and email Jonathan Swaine, Manager of Shepherd Neame Pubs Department at [email protected] to make your voice heard.

Whitstable, UK

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