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To: Government of Jamaica

Save Bob Marley's Beach

As citizens and friends of Jamaica, we call on you to repeal and replace the Beach Control Act of 1956, and guarantee free public access for Bob Marley's beach, and all beaches in Jamaica.

Why is this important?

Our beloved Bob Marley beach and its local rastafari community are in danger. If the plans to build a new hotel on the beach go through, fisherfolk and prominent Rastafari family members who have lived in the community for more than 50 years will be displaced!

Formerly known as Thomas Beach, it was the place where Bob, Peter and Bunny communed with a longstanding Rastafarian community and has been a refuge of the poor, soon to be locked away by private interests who may have flaunted the law and processes in pursuit of their profit.

It is unfortunate and cruel if this were to be allowed to happen in secret and with apparent government complicity.

Other islands, like Barbados, have passed laws that guarantee open access to all of their beaches for their citizens rich or poor.

This is certainly an insult to the spirit and character of Bob Marley for whom the beach was named on his passing, and would see his Rastafarian family thrown into the street.

Let’s come together from across Jamaica and the world, to demand that the Bob Marley beach stays public, and all beaches in the country are guaranteed free public access for all Jamaican people and friends.

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