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To: First Bus Basildon

Return the 200 bus route to serve the whole of Southend Road again

There has always been one bus route that covers the whole of Southend Road in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex. Back in April 2022, First Bus Basildon announced that the 200 bus service would turn up Springhouse Road and miss out on serving Balmoral and First Avenue bus stops. This move has inconvenienced so many users as the only alternative is walking up a 1 in-8 hill to pick up the route on Abbotts Drive or going to the Central Avenue bus stop to carry on their journey from there. All we ask is that you return this service back to the route that has been covered by buses for many a generation because bus users were not consulted on changing the route and we are the people missing out on two very well-used bus stops in the process.

Why is this important?

The current 200 bus route turns left into Springhouse Road and does not pick up anyone for over 700 yards until it reaches Corringham Town Centre which, at present is serviced by the 11, 100 and 374 bus services and during school rush hour the service suffers from encountering not only the Graham James school traffic but Abbots Hall school traffic too. There have been numerous complaints of double-decker buses being used on a road that was not made for this volume of traffic that is currently seen along The Sorrells and Abbotts Drive and it is only going to get worse unless this isn't addressed soon.

How it will be delivered

Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth.

Stanford-le-Hope, UK

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