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To: MTA New York City Transit - BUS BX33

Restore BX33 Services on 135th and Madison Avenue

On June 22, 2022, thousands of other residents of Riverton Square and I learned that the Bx33 bus would no longer stop at Madison Avenue and 135th Street in either the east or westbound directions. While the Madison Avenue stop will continue to serve M1 bus commuters, westbound travelers will now have to walk to the 135th and Fifth avenue stop for Bx33 service.

While one avenue may not sound like a huge difference, it can pose significant difficulties for at least hundreds of mature, seniors, and disabled residents. Some physically challenged senior residents will now have to walk two blocks to catch the Bx33 at a less convenient stop. Moreover, there is no bus shelter at the 135th and Fifth Avenue bus stop. The location also becomes congested during rush hour for much of the school year as school children gather there waiting for their parents.

Why is this important?

My neighbors and I are deeply disappointed and upset, as the Madison Avenue Bx33 stops have successfully served residents for over half a century. The abrupt closing of these stops, combined with the lack of MTA public outreach to the Manhattan portion of the Bx33 line for community input during the Bronx Bus Design phases, contradicts the mission of the MTA to “[preserve] and [enhance] the quality of life…through the cost-efficient provision of safe, on-time, reliable, and clean transportation services.”

I respectfully ask MTA to reinstate the Bx33 stop at both the eastbound and westbound bus shelter stops on Madison Avenue and 135th Street.

Please contact the Riverton Tenants Association to discuss this further at [email protected].

How it will be delivered

Two methods, online and collect signatures in our community. We are planning to partner with Lincoln Tenants Association and collect signatures from the tenants in the area.

E 135th St & Madison Ave, New York, NY 10037, USA

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