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To: Supreme Court of India

Rescind the supreme court verdict

We the 'Sikkimese' - a term very clearly defined by the Constitution and the highest bodies of democratic India including The Honourable Supreme Court and the Parliament of India and the Constitution of India - to mean the three ethnic Bhutia, Lepcha and Nepali communities of Sikkim- are highly aggrieved by the recent verdict passed by the Honourable Supreme Court on 13th January 2023. We feel that this verdict completely dilutes the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution of India under Article 371F and we the undersigned Sikkimese citizens of India would like to kindly request the Honourable Supreme Court to rescind its verdict and safeguard our Constitutional rights.

हामी 'सिक्किमे' - लोकतान्त्रिक भारतका सर्वोच्च निकायहरू लगायत माननीय सर्वोच्च न्यायालय र भारतको संसद र भारतको संविधानले धेरै स्पष्ट रूपमा परिभाषित गरेको शब्द - सिक्किमका तीन जाति भुटिया, लेप्चा र नेपाली समुदायहरू - १३ जनवरी २०२३ मा माननीय सर्वोच्च अदालतले पारित गरेको फैसलाबाट अत्यन्तै दुखी छौं। हामीलाई लाग्छ कि यो फैसलाले भारतको संविधानले हामीलाई ‘अनुच्छेद ३७१ एफ’ अन्तर्गत ग्यारेन्टी गरेको अधिकारलाई पूर्ण रूपमा कमजोर पारेको छ र हामी भारतका अधोहस्ताक्षरित सिक्किमे नागरिकहरू सम्माननीय सर्वोच्च अदालतलाई आफ्नो फैसला खारेज गर्न र हाम्रो संवैधानिक अधिकारको रक्षा गर्न अनुरोध गर्न चाहन्छौं।

Why is this important?

The very identity of SIKKIMESE has been struck down by this verdict. Calling Sikkimese as foreigners is not the main issue. The issue is us original Sikkimese are losing our rights in favour of people who are just residents and not citizens of Sikkim.
Today they have gained exemption, tomorrow they'll ask for jobs, licenses, lands.
Are we going to allow that?
We merged with India because they assured us our rights will be protected.
This verdict has failed the guarantee that the Constitution had provided us.
We will fight until the wrongs are corrected.

Sikkim, India

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