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To: Maroondah City Council

Remove crashed cars from Coolstore Road

The un-road worthy cars need to be removed or moved somewhere else as they have been parked outside our premises for 5 weeks now. They're parked there all day long and parked in a very inconvenient spot making it impossible for a 3rd card to park behind.

They take up a lot of space along Coolstore road that are now affecting other surrounding businesses. Having 3 - 4 smashed up cars along the road.

Why is this important?

To allow all the other business in the road to operate safely and affectively. There's already an issue with parking along Coolstore road, which has since escalated in the past 5 weeks with Sheen parking their smashed up cars along the road.

It's causing our members to have to park up the street, in other businesses car parks (which they don't like) a lot of our female members don't feel safe walking in the dark at 4:45am in the morning when they are forced to park far away. We just want our members to feel safe.

If the cars are removed it will it will free up 3 spaces right out the front of our studio and a few others along the road in which our members can park and feel safe. The surrounding businesses would also benefit from our members not being forced to use their vacant parking.

Coolstore Rd, Croydon VIC 3136, Australia

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