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To: GEO, Oklahoma Department of Corrections, and Governor Stitt

Removal of Warden David Cole, GEO Lawton Correctional Facility, Oklahoma

On behalf of Ignite Justice, a non profit 501(c)3 organization, we are asking for the removal of Warden David Cole who currently runs GEO Lawton Correctional Facility in Lawton, Oklahoma.
Since Warden Cole took over this prison early in July 2022 the prison conditions have gotten worse.
Stabbings and deaths are happening on a regular if not day to day at least 1 stabbing every other day. Attempted suicides have increased where 1 incarcerated individual tried to kill himself while on suicide watch and another attempted just the other day and there been more incidents.
Drugs are an issue as well as a lot of drug overdoses due to drugs being brought into the facility. Medical and mental health neglect is also a serious issue. Forcing incarcerated individuals to be put on units where their life will be in danger. All these are a violation of the 8th amendment.
Most of these issues are due to being short staff and not having the right staff to run this facility. Not only does this Warden not protect the incarcerated population he also puts his staff at risk.
A warden's job is to oversee their prison. They are responsible for the safe, secure, and efficient operation of a prison. They also oversee all prison staff to ensure proper and consistent adherence to all applicable laws, rules, standards, and facility-specific policies. It also requires setting rules and regulations for the inmates, offering them the maximum amount of protection possible while serving their sentences.
Policies and procedures are not being followed. Prisoners and staff do not respect the Warden. The Warden is allowing all these violations that are taking place. Staff does not have the proper upper management support which puts their safety at risk every day. How is a facility to run properly if everything is overlooked?
I'm asking all family members and friends of a loved one to support this petition to remove the current warden so we can get a new warden who actually cares about his staff as well as those who are currently residing in this facility. Enough is enough we are losing to many of our people due to the neglect of the warden.
Please sign and share this petition.

Why is this important?

Those who are incarcerated do not deserve the inhumane treatment they recieve on a daily basis. They still are a human being and have rights. Their 8th amendment rights are being violated due to Warden Cole not properly running this facility


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