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To: Black Community in Peel Region - We need Black representation on the Peel Regional Police Service Board

Region of Peel Citizen Appointment

We need Black representation on the Peel Regional Police Service Board.

The new term for the Region of Peel comes with an incredible opportunity to give meaningful support to Black communities with regard to the current lack of representation on the Peel Police Services Board.

It is time for representation.

We have had discussions with Mayor Crombie and Mayor Brown about this in the past, and the report from the Mayor's Advisory Black Community Engagement reflects this view and was adopted by Mississauga Council. The community recommendations centred on the following theme:

"Black representation on the Peel Regional Police Service Board"

Mayor Brown was kind enough to write a letter to the Solicitor General on behalf of members of his own Black Advisory in Brampton eloquently and unequivocally making the point that Black communities in Peel "see disproportionate engagement with police and a historic under representation on the Peel police board with only one member having served who is Black”

Unfortunately, the provincial appointments did not include anyone from Mississauga or Brampton's Black communities. This leaves the Region of Peel in the ideal position to correct this situation by agreeing to consult with Black leaders and choose this appointment from a shortlist of Black candidates that the Black community will put forth for consideration.

Why is this important?

Black communities deserve a voice on issues that impact our families. The best way to ensure that our concerns are addressed is to mobilize and build collective power. Democracy is ongoing and accountability requires all of us to stay engaged.

As we grapple with troubling over representation of Black people in violent interactions with Peel Regional Police, enacting the historic agreement between PRP, the Board and the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the aftermath of carding, the permanent end of the School Resource Officer program, the tragic loss of life and the intersections of mental health crisis and Blackness we are counting on our elected and appointed officials to work with Black communities and Black leaders to get this appointment right

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver the position to the Mayor's & Peel Regional Police Service Board.

10 Peel Centre Drive, Suite A and B, Brampton, ON L6T 4B9, Canada

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