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To: LSE High Holborn Management / LSE Residential Life Services

Refund a week's rent for LSE High Holborn residents

We, the undersigned residents of LSE High Holborn student accommodation, write to express our collective concern and frustration regarding the ongoing maintenance issues that have significantly affected our living conditions. It has come to our attention that several crucial amenities in our accommodation have not been properly serviced or repaired, leading to various inconveniences and additional expenses for the residents.

We believe it is only fair that LSE High Holborn takes responsibility for these ongoing issues by compensating its residents for the inconveniences and financial burdens they have faced. We kindly request a reimbursement of one week's rent for each affected resident as a token of goodwill for the following persistent problems:

Faulty and Unserviced Washers: The laundry facilities provided by the accommodation have been repeatedly staining our clothes with brown deposits owing to them being unserviced, forcing residents to utilize external laundry services or repeated wash cycles at an additional cost. This inconvenience has put a financial burden on the residents.

Driers Not in Service: The driers have been out of order, causing us to rely on alternative drying methods and incur extra costs due to longer drying times.

Heaters Not Working in Cold Weather: During the colder days, the lack of functioning heaters has made our living spaces uncomfortable and, at times, unbearable. Residents have had to purchase additional heating solutions, leading to increased expenses.

Lack of Hot Water: The continuous absence of hot water for showers and daily necessities is unacceptable, causing residents to seek alternative solutions for basic hygiene and comfort.

Note: Under Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, your tenants have the right to expect you to carry out basic repairs in a 'reasonable time'. If it's an emergency repair, such as no heating in cold weather or no hot water, you need to act within 24 hours

Dangerous Elevators: The elevators in our accommodation have often been out of order, posing safety risks and inconveniences for residents.

We understand that maintenance issues may occur, but the prolonged nature of these problems is affecting our overall quality of life and causing us undue financial and physical stress. We believe that LSE High Holborn should prioritize the well-being and comfort of its residents.

In light of these issues, we request that you consider compensating each affected resident with a reimbursement equivalent to one week's rent. We believe that this gesture would demonstrate your commitment to addressing these issues promptly and proactively, and would help alleviate the financial burden placed upon us.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and look forward to a resolution that ensures a more comfortable and satisfactory living experience for all residents. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Why is this important?

It is important to emphasize the significance of addressing the maintenance issues in LSE High Holborn and providing compensation in light of the broader context of the cost of living crisis, the cold weather, the stress of university life, and the desire for a seamless transition to a new life in London.

Cost of Living Crisis: The cost of living in London is notoriously high, and this crisis has been exacerbated by the ongoing maintenance issues in the accommodation. Students living on a tight budget have been burdened with additional expenses for laundry and heating, which they can ill afford.

Cold Weather: London's notoriously cold and damp weather during the winter months makes the malfunctioning heaters and lack of hot water even more detrimental. This situation has not only affected the residents' physical well-being but has also added to the mental stress and discomfort they experience daily.

University Life Stress: Pursuing higher education is inherently demanding, and students often face high levels of academic and personal stress. The issues in the accommodation, including unreliable laundry facilities and an uncomfortable living environment, have added an unnecessary layer of stress to the already challenging university experience.

New Life in London: Many residents of LSE High Holborn are international students or newcomers to the city, and they have chosen this accommodation to ensure a smooth transition to their new life in London. Accommodation issues not only disrupt their daily routines but also create additional stress during a critical phase of adaptation.

The accommodation should ideally serve as a sanctuary, providing a comfortable and stress-free environment where students can focus on their studies and adjust to their new life in London. Instead, these maintenance problems have become a significant source of concern and financial strain, undermining the overall student experience.

Compensating the residents for these issues is not just a matter of rectifying the immediate inconveniences but also a step towards acknowledging the challenges they face in the broader context of student life in London. It demonstrates a commitment to ensuring that students can fully engage in their studies and relieves them of at least one of the many stressors they encounter as they pursue their education in the city.

178 High Holborn, London WC1V 7AA, UK

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