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To: Freedom leisure

Re-open the crèche at summerfields, freedom leisure.

The crèche at freedom leisure summerfields, Hastings, has been closed since lockdown 2020 and isn’t expected to be reopened now things are back to normal.
A lot of mums and dads rely on a crèche so they can continue to exercise, which is important to peoples physical and mental health. Summerfields is the only gym in Hastings are nearby areas which has a crèche and now it’s not available, many mums and dads wish it would return so they can carry on keeping fit and healthy without having the stress of trying to find other childcare.

Why is this important?

Exercise has a huge impact on physical health and mental health, mums go through a huge transition when they have children and often, when ready, want to get back to their fitness regimes or start exercising, which would benefit them in many ways including having time for themselves. Not only will it help with peoples health, but it will encourage more people to join the centre.

Bohemia Rd, Hastings TN34 1ET, UK

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