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To: Buffalo Wild Wings CEO Sally Smith

Raise Server Wage at BWW to $5 an hr

Photo by Lidye on Unsplash

Buffalo Wild Wing servers are being paid $2.13 an hour in the state of Tennessee. All markets are on the climb and minimum wage for servers with tips won’t cut it anymore. Working at a sports bar, many people are known to not tip or not tip very well. They don’t see the need if it isn’t a “nice” restaurant. Servers should at least be getting paid above minimum wage ($5 an hour) in order to compensate for the lack of tips that come in. With how fast the restaurants go through customers and how fast all servers are able to
flip tables, we are simply not making enough to live. Some may have this job as part time to help ends meet or for extra cash, but there are a plethora of us that rely heavily on this job to pay our bills. With the little amount we bring home each day, we are having to work hours that become inconvenient and hard for us to have any type of life outside of work. We are extremely overworked and highly underpaid. Servers do the job that most restaurants don’t even require. We are closing in the kitchen and out in the dining room. So many Buffalo Wild Wings are understaffed due to the lack of funds that are coming in daily. We
are doing more than what is asked and not receiving credit from anyone in the company. Our hourly pay mostly goes straight into taxes and we receive little to no money when payday arrives and our tips do NOT compensate for it. Our hourly wage needs to at least be raised to $5 an hour to compensate for all that servers do for every store in America.

Why is this important?

I work this job as a waitress
full time and have been with this company for 3 years. The longer I stay, the less I make and I am simply not going to be able to work here due to that fact. I am a college student working everyday just so I can put food on my table every week. I am struggling to make ends meet with how often customers do not tip and how low our wage is. The most I have ever gotten from a paycheck from this company was $24 in 2 weeks. I am doing my best and I love the environment I am in, but If I cannot make ends meet as a college student, never mind those with children and mortgages to pay off.



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