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Promoting Transparency and Accountability

The city of Vic Falls has been known to be amongst the country’s best in terms of service provision and good standards. However, recent conducts by councillors and management shows a shift from the core mandate of council to self gratification and personal gain above everything. Recent Council decisions have negatively impacted not only the council’s finances and good name but is an insult to ratepayers who have to pump out money even where other available means could cater for council needs eg

Why is this important?

1. sale of stand 8300 to the lowest bidder where the highest bidder offered more than twice in value- funds which could have been channelled to the development of the city but instead the sale benefited a few. Land suddenly and mysteriously depreciates in value in Vic Falls. That piece of land was once valued at 14mln. How will we finance the WASH project? Why are cllrs fighting? How did they benefit from the sale? What will we find if we call for a review of the sale? Did the auditor really make the presentation to sale? Who is now doing oversight?

2. TC vehicle Loan of US$89 000 paid in US$ is to be paid back at 25% discount at the interbank rate (we all know what that means). Additionally the same vehicle bought using council funds becomes personal property entitling the TC to claim mileage on it meaning that at the end council will repay the loan and more. The TC has a contractual office vehicle which should have been bought as a priority over the personal vehicle loan. Where is the signed loan agreement? Did the TC get a loan without signing a loan agreement/ offer.

3. Woodroad stands were advertised for sale in US$ and this is the standing position with the exception of stand 1811 and stand 1768 which was paid/deposited for in RTGS to the value of ZW$11 million by a known businessman, when everyone else is expected to pay US$25K deposit. Who is the owner? Why are they receiving special treatment? How big is their land? Was it really part of woodroad stands or specially created? Where are the resolutions to this stand and allocation letter? These are the questions council should give answers to.

4. Lease of Council brewery for 15 years without proper procedures and council resolution. The lease of the brewery without council resolution and following proper procedures indicates to disregard of people’s voices. Let us all open our eyes and see the rot happening right in front of us.
4. Mayoral Vehicle
As residents we need to demand answers and hold those we put in offices to account. The resources are not theirs to squander but ours to protect for the benefit of everyone and future generations. At this rate nothing will remain of our beautiful city, together we can protect it.



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