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To: Greater Hume Shire Council

Prevent our historic bakery from being demolished

Demolishing the building at 55 Commercial St WALLA WALLA will remove two viable businesses from a small town and destroy the historic scotch bakers oven and bakery building. Once history is gone .. it’s gone .

Why is this important?

The building was built in 1900’s, serving as a bakery until 1980 . The Scotch Oven is still in tact and there are very few remaining in Australia. The building remained unloved and unkempt for many years until sold 4 years ago , and was repaired and painted to preserve its history. It then has remained an Antique and curios shop with an adjoining Cafe Tea rooms.
Visitors drive from near and far to take a walk back in time while enjoying a great coffee and home made food .
If the building is demolished, two businesses are lost and our town of only 800 people and visitors will once again have restrictions as to when and where they can enjoy lunch or coffee .
We’ve recently had a stunning Art installation on our Water Tower , with visitors enjoying the mural . Coffee and lunch always make the drive worthwhile!

Walla Walla NSW 2659, Australia

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