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To: Ministry of Health

Put on hold the Establishment of Chinese Medicine Council (CMC)

Cause of the appeal:
CMC demands payment of unacceptable establishment fees ranging from NZD600,000 to 800,000!
Reasons for stopping CMC set-up:
The operating expenses of CMC are high, and currently, acupuncturists are unable to afford them, due to the impact of recently the pandemic, floods, and the skyrocketing cost of living, so many acupuncturists are already under immense working pressure and struggling with the financial burden.

Why is this important?

CMC is an organization that will not receive any government funding and the entire funding relies on acupuncturists. Besides the CMC expenses report has never shown operating expenses with detailed budgeting, and the uncertainty amount of running CMC makes the acupuncturist feel insecure.

Moreover, CMC is urgently demanding a massive fee of $485,787 from AcNZ & NZASA to continue its establishment and operation, however, there is no obligation for members to contribute!

In the end, we hope that the establishment of CMC will be put on hold until the economy improves and restarts the establishment by gaining agreement from the majority of members.

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