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To: Residents of Mitchell, IN

Petition to Officially Name "Parker Field"

The softball field is currently unnamed. Ted Parker built that field from the ground up in 1978. He did this completely out of his own pocket. He ran a softball program from that field for 30 years, providing an opportunity for elementary kids all the way up to seniors in high school to be outside, socializing, and exercising-- something so desperately needed now! He beautifully maintained that field the entire time. No other school had a better field. During his years as the high school coach, he purchased countless equipment for the team that the school couldn't/wouldn't buy.

Not everyone loved Ted, of course not, but no one can deny the impact he made on Mitchell softball and he more than deserves to be acknowledged and honored for it.

The superintendent says they're no longer naming athletic facilities after people. I don't accept this. Just as Coach Seitzinger deserved to have the baseball field named after him in recognition of his dedication to the sport and the youth of Mitchell, Ted Parker deserves the same.

That field is synonymous with Ted & Gail (concession stand QUEEN) Parker. I want to show that there is community support behind this.

If you support this proposal, please sign and pass this along.

Why is this important?

I believe it's important to share the history of the field and the softball league here in Mitchell. Much like Terry Cole field, a simple sign stating "Parker Field" will help keep Ted & Gail's legacies alive. We'll all be able to tell our kids that this wonderful sport and so many of our own childhood memories were because these two VOLUNTEERED their time, energy, and love to the youth of Mitchell.

It all began because he wanted his daughter to have a place to play. It continued because he wanted everyones daughters to have a place too.

Mitchell, IN 47446, USA

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