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To: Namma MMC Video Publishers

Namma MMC

We the former students of the Dental Wing of Madras Medical College and present students of Madras Dental College are very disappointed with the recently published video of "Namma MMC"

It shows everything about the medical college, departments, hospitals, the eminent doctors, but not the Dental Wing.

All of us the signatories of this petition are really disheartened to note that nothing has been mentioned about the famous Dental Wing of MMC, which will be celebrating its 70th Anniversary next year.

Why such discrimination given to the Dental Wing ? Are we not part of the MMC's history. We are not sure, if the producer of the video is aware of the existence of so called Dental Wing which is functionally integrated with the Madras Medical College since 1953.

We the former students of the Dental Wing have activly participated in most of the educational, sports and events activities relateded to MMC.

We kindly request the publisher, who may have inadvertedly left our story, to amend it immediately with the inclusion of the history of Dental Wing and republish it.

"Never, ever forget history" & History needs to be remebered and Cherished

Thank You and we look forward new version of Namma MMC

Why is this important?

Please sign the petition if u want the history of the Dental Wing MMC to be remembered f


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