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To: Waxahachie ISD

Name an elementary school in memory of Mrs. Charles Etta (Patrick) Willis

Mrs. Charles Etta (Patrick) Willis served the Waxahachie community as a 1st grade teacher for 40+ years... Her kind soul and devoted spirit had a profound impact on all who knew her. This was evident during her recent memorial celebration, where family and friends shared their experiences. We believe that she's more than deserving to have her legacy honored and remembered by naming a school or other facility in her name.

We are petitioning the Waxahachie ISD to grant our request.

Why is this important?

We'd like to have Ms. Patrick's legacy honored and proclaimed for years to come. By having a school named after her, we ensure that future generations learn from her devotion and service to the community. We kindly ask that you support this petition.

How it will be delivered

Once we've gathered signatures, we will formally present this petition to the Waxahachie School Board for consideration.

Waxahachie, TX, USA

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