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There is a large community of footballers and football clubs in Mid Sussex, who have diffificulty to find areas where to train or to play games, in particular during the winter season when the frequent rain affects grass pitches.
Moreover, the increasing population in the area and the increasing numbers of families with children who are involved in several sport activities, is demonstrating the evident lack of sport facilities in the Mid Sussex area.
Many parents are forced to drive across several locations within the territory of Mid Sussex to take their children to different locations for different sports and to different clubs.
We would like to ask the District to identify, promote and support the creation of a multifunctional outdoor facility with a synthetic surface suitable for various sports. The area should be large enough to grant many clubs and sport association access to it during the whole year.

Why is this important?

I am a father of a 11 years old and a 7 years old. My eldest son is part of a football club in Mid Sussex. The youngest could not find room in any football team, nor could in any basketball team as he would have liked to.
There is an increasing demand for sport activities in the area and in particular for children. In particular football, rugby, cycling, netball and basketball show incrasing number of participants. However, there are not enough indoor or outdoor sport facilities to meet the demand for all these activities, the whole year around.
All sports activities improve individuals mental and physical health. In many cases sports represent a significative career path for younger generations along with being an opportunity to promote positive social interaction among peers.

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