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To: European Parliment and ICC

Lebanese People stand with her Honour Judge Ghada Aoun

Her honour Judge Ghada Aoun, has been investigating serious money laundering cases, high level corruption and major fraud cases committed by Lebanese political figures, local and international mafia and banking industry.
The political figures in Lebanon have been trying to stop her and mislead the investigation. The last action committee today by corrupt prime minister Najeeb Mikati and his gang, he ordered all security forces to ignore Her Honours orders and investigation and set her authority on the side. Another angle of attack was from her own corrupt legal system who are trying to cast her as a rebel.
We ask European Union and Parliment to stand with Her honour Judge Ghada Aoun in any way possible. Thank you

Why is this important?

The life of her honour is in stake as well as the investigation of major corruption and fraud by high end political figures will be erased.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be delivered by electronic mail go ICC and EU parliament


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