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To: Meca seniors and graduates


Mr. O is forcefully being asked to leave after making a great impact on each and every member of MECAS senior class. He has assisted every single one of us in finding the best post grad path and has always provided a comfortable space for decompression.

Why is this important?

Like most, the college advisory room has always been my safe space at meca. Yes the couch was comfy to lay on, but the overall atmosphere was what kept me in that room beyond the college application process. I knew the second I walked in I’d be greeted by an immediate “tell me about your day”, music blaring in the background, board games on the table and the overall laughter that was always lingering in the room. Each and every senior class to come deserves to share those same experiences, and that’s just impossible without Mr O.

411 Pearl St, New York, NY 10038, USA

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