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To: States of Guernsey - Education

Keep La Mare High Open 1 more year

In light of the recent Ofsted report for St Sampson High school, in terms of the teaching ability and student culture it would be beneficial to allow St Sampsons High School to remain as it is for another year to improve the standard of education before taking on more catchment post the closure of LMDC High School.
Therefore, the proposal is to allow LMDC High School to remain open to intake for 2023 to ensure the LMDC HS staff are fulfilled in their roles as teachers, utilising their capabilities to the full capacity, rather than reducing the number of students and therefore lessons, this in turn will keep the teachers motivated until new school system is ready.
Delaying the closure of LMDC HS also allows States of Guernsey Education more time to make the nessecary changes to the Les Varendes, both in terms of physical buildings and structure within the teaching staff and also to improve the education at St Sampson High before increasing the school intake in 2023.
The proposal would be to review the developments at St Sampson and Les Varendes after 2023 and delay the proposed changes to the LMDC HS to include an intake to LMDC HS in 2023.

Why is this important?

The new school system is not in an adequate place to adapt to the changes proposed in the new model.
The proposal requires children from LMDC primary school to attend St Sampson High from 2023 due to the proposed closure of LMDC High School. However, the recent ofsted report for St Sampson High school shows the school is not fit for purpose and therefore a delay in the changes would allow the school to implement changes nessecary to take on more Yr 7 children from 2023 with better teaching models and school culture.


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