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To: minister of sport

Justice for South African hockey

Hockey in South Africa is struggling to progress, as there is a lack of focus on the sport and funding from the sports ministry. Hockey needs to be taken more seriously as a professional sport in our country, as the national team has proven its competitive capability many times. South Africa recently qualified for the FIH Pro League, the highest level of international hockey, after winning the FIH Cup of Nations in December. Unfortunately, due to insufficient funding, our team is unable to participate in the Pro League, and has been forced to withdraw from the league. This issue needs to be addressed and dealt with by the ministry, so that our national team is able to compete on a professional level, and become the formidable force they have the potential to be.

Why is this important?

As a young hockey player in South Africa, i am immensely inspired by our national team. I am extremely passionate about the sport and love watching the team play and succeed. For this reason it is extremely disappointing and painful when we are unable to compete internationally, although we are a good enough team. Allocation of funding to South African Hockey, will give our country the opportunity to be recognised internationally within the field, and give us far greater chances at worldwide success. This will also inspire the next generation of hockey players, to pursue a career in the sport, improving the level and quality of players throughout the country. The National team has proven time and time again that they should be taken seriously and that hockey deserves more attention from our country as a sport.

South Africa

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